Offering (Full Album) (Mitchell Michelle 1999)

by Mitch Wells

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"If you are willing to open your mind and broaden your horizons, check out Mitchell Michelle's OFFERING. This stuff is beautiful, epic, grand instrumental music that will leave you breathless. It's utterly incredible, the amount of lkayers in this music, especially with only two core members." -RAO Music Reviews

"return, the last (and best!) piece on the album, begins in the same style as the rest: a combination of progressive rock, folk music and steve howe. later in the piece, when the mandolin and the vocals come in, return slowly evolves in a grandesque epic symphony backed up by several orchestral instruments. and then, completely unexpected, the whole thing collapses to make room for an arabic serenade accompanied by marching rhythms. eventually mitchell michelle comes full circle when they let the music return (hence the title?) to the main theme of OFFERING. this, this is an ode to art rock!

OFFERING is an absolute must for lovers of progressive rock and musical omnivores. the production is crisp, the music is great and there's plenty of variation. whether you like guitar, piano, orchestra's, synthesizers, mandolins, it doesn't matter: this package has something in it for everybody." -RAW 42 Music Reviews


released December 31, 1999

Mitch Wells (Mitchell Michelle) - remainder
Dave Anderson - most drums and percussion
Dick Evans - Violin
Betsy Wilson - French Horn
Jason Mead - Coronet
Shannon - Voice
Bob - Harmonica



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Mitch Wells Lansing, Michigan

Welcome to my eclectic mix of musical projects I have done in the past, or am currently working on. Some are finished, others not...but I hope you enjoy them all!

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Track Name: Revealed
Track Name: The Tower
Track Name: Return